Sponsor Company for Your Business: What It Does

Despite the big improvement in doing business, ease of restrictions in the Negative Investment List, and the country’s desire to boost its foreign direct investments, Indonesia remains local centric. In other words, it places high emphasis on domestic employment and protection for its enterprises especially those that are micro, small, and medium size.

Because of these, expatriates and foreign companies cannot enter the Indonesian market without meeting certain conditions—and these particularly include having a sponsor.

What Is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a person or a group such as a company, foundation, representative office, third-party firm, and other types of organization who vouches for you to the government. Sponsors guarantee you will enter the country legally and will remain compliant with Indonesia’s laws.

They also see to it that you have an agenda for coming here, whether it’s to join your Indonesian spouse, find work, set up a business, or undertake in an economic-related activity with no monetary compensation.

In summary, you need to have a sponsor if you want to get the following important documents:

·         KITAS – KITAS is a limited stay permit card, which can be valid for six months to one year. It is essential when you want to apply for the next one. A sponsor can be your local or foreign company as well as your spouse.

·         IMTA – This is your work permit, which may be issued from one to a couple of years depending on the industry you’re in. The length of your permit runs alongside the duration of your work. An Indonesian spouse cannot sponsor your work permit unless he or she employs you on the business.

·         Business Visa – Indonesian business visa can be single entry, which is valid for 90 days, or multiple entry, which is good for 12 months. Each visit lasts for 60 days. Only companies, representative offices, foundations, third-party firms, and other groups can act as your sponsor.

Cekindo Is Here to Help

Finding a sponsor for your trip to Indonesia is just one of your main concerns. Your sponsor should make sure they submit the correct documents such as invitation letters to the Immigration Authority on time. Most of all, they must possess the qualifications to be a sponsor.

Knowing these challenges, Cekindo is here to help. Our services can include:

·         Assistance in processing work permits and business visas

·         Search for potential local sponsors for your travel

·         Processing of KITAS

·         Preparation of all your documents and application

·         Guidance from our business consultants

Learn more about how to get a local sponsor with us today. Contact us here.


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