Surviving As an Expat Living in Indonesia: Tips & Tricks

Expats moving to Indonesia often find themselves in an exotic paradise with stunning scenery and beautiful beaches. However, Indonesia is not just that. The country actually has a lot more to offer.

Moving to Indonesia, a country that consists of more than 17,000 islands with a culturally and ethnically diverse population of over 260 million people, allows you to delve into a very rewarding and rich cultural experience. In addition, the flourishing economy and business opportunities in many sectors have attracted a fair share of expats. 

No matter how much you enjoy the experience of being an expat living in Indonesia, expat life in the country can be more challenging than a standard hometown existence.

However, there’s nothing to fear. As long as you take the time to acknowledge the situations and balance them with a positive and open mind, you can use your expat status in Indonesia as a springboard to greater fulfillment and growth.

Read on to find out tips and tricks you can use to survive as an expat living in Indonesia.

Keep Making New Friends

Expats tend to be transient and you might think that if you don’t stay in one place long enough, there is no need to form lasting friendships. This can often make you feel lonely.

Our top tip for surviving as an expat in an unfamiliar location is to make it one of the most exciting times of your life. Keep making new friends, especially with the locals, to know more about their tradition. Not to mention, the friend circle you build can also serve as a support system when you face other expat challenges.

This can be done by joining the local community or social media community groups on Facebook.

Stay Connected with Friends and Family back Home

It is always important to keep your friends and family close, even at a distance. Surviving an expat life can be difficult, which is why you need to stay in touch with those you love while living abroad.

However, many friends who haven’t been expats themselves are not good at contacting their distant friends. Don’t feel bad and give up on them.

Instead, you should take the initiative to do so and then both parties will start putting in effort to keep the relationship going.

Plus, the technology is so advanced nowadays, why don’t you just pick up that phone, write that email, or simply send a text through messenger.

All You Need Is Time

It is paramount to give yourself the time you need to adjust to your new life as an expat in Indonesia. Multiple challenges can all come at once: culture shock, language barrier, loneliness, etc.

But guess what, almost all expats go through a similar phase, and at the end they have all become accustomed to their amazing lives in Indonesia.

Connect with other expats and locals. They are a great source of information which can help you shorten the time to fit in. They also provide you with cultural insights and help you navigate the landscape.

For language barrier, you can always enroll in an Indonesian class, download an app, or practice by speaking to Indonesian coworkers and friends.

No matter how long you need, weeks or even months, time is the key here to fit in when it comes to overcoming cultural differences and picking up new skills.

Get Rid of the Blues

Let’s be honest, all expats do feel the blues once in a while even on good days. While you can’t avoid the blues, you can get rid of them by changing your thoughts and focusing on things that matter.

When the blues hit, talk to your friends and family, look for interesting events and activities that you’re passionate about, bond with people who share the same interests, and never fear to try new things.

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