Switch to A Shared Office in Jakarta: Why the Urge?

We all know that the cost of running your business in a metropolitan city in Indonesia like Jakarta is greatly affected by the cost of office rental and utility bills. Therefore, companies have now recognised that there will be huge savings if they make the switch from traditional office spaces to shared offices. A shared office in Jakarta comes with numerous benefits.

How? A shared office provides business owners with all-inclusive package that includes rental, office supplies and equipment, utilities, high-speed Internet, furniture, lounge areas, etc.  Furthermore, you do not have to make a long lease commitment – you only pay as you use the shared office, and you will be able to use the meeting rooms or conference rooms upon request. 

Contrary to what some skeptics would say, a shared office will not damage your brand reputation. Instead, it will boost your company image by presenting your business as professional and credible. Opting for a shared office in Indonesia can have a positive impact on your business productivity. Here are some of the great reasons that most businesses are now switching to shared offices in Jakarta. 

Flexible Workspace Enhances Enthusiasm

Due to its flexible nature and people with good vibes, the environment of a shared office is often filled with positive vibrations as well. Therefore, people working in a shared office are more enthusiastic and more ideas can be generated from those brainstorming sessions and creative discussions.

Like-minded people with high level of enthusiasm are kinder and converse with their team members with constructive feedback and encouragement.  

Shared Offices Make Millennials Happy

More than half of the world’s workforce is now dominated by millennials. Millennials no longer feel happy with only high salaries and great benefits. Instead, they yearn for a more flexible working model where they can be productive and creative, while still achieving the work-life balance. 

Shared offices enable millennials to network and make friends with people from diverse professional backgrounds. In addition, the sense of community of shared offices makes millennials feel more in control of their jobs and their work more meaningful.  

A More Productive Team

Gone are the days that you need to work in a cubicle to be productive. Today’s dynamic and hard-working young entrepreneurs have proved that they can foster a more productive team with the modern shared office workspace solution.  

The high energy, productivity and enthusiasm are contagious and have shown to push other employees and drive positive business results. 

Private Space but Sociable Employees

Shared offices in Jakarta combine privacy, functionality, practicality, fun and networking all at once. They are great workplace solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs and go-getters to interact, socialise and collaborate with different professionals from the same building at the lounge area, while having the privacy in their own space. 

Sharing and Exchanging Ideas for Growth

You do not have to wait until networking events to network with people to grow your businesses. You can do as much as networking as you want with other companies by sharing and exchanging innovative ideas. This is where you will find the most valuable and new opportunities. 

Cekindo Shared Offices in Jakarta

Cekindo offers a great choice when it comes to shared offices in Jakarta. Our shared office solutions provide you with the best convenience and flexibility in terms of location, features and other circumstances. 

We design our shared offices catering to diverse businesses, industries and interests with the following features:

  • Professional receptionist 
  • Reliable administrative support
  • Free business consultation
  • High-speed internet
  • Complete meeting rooms and conference rooms
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Free coffees and refreshments
  • Air-conditioned workspace

Book a tour with us now and experience the comprehensive shared office Cekindo offers. Our shared offices are available in the most prestigious locations in Jakarta: Slipi (West Jakarta) and Kuningan (South Jakarta).

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