The Critical of Business Address for Company Registration in Indonesia

The Overview of Company Registration in Indonesia

As foreign investors who want to establish company in Indonesia, there will be several options such as A Representative OfficeLocal Company or Foreign Direct Investment as a Limited Liability Company (in Indonesia called PT PMA. Each type of company will need different requirements to fulfill, but one requirement which is very important and it’s needed in every type of company is the business address.

You may read all the law and regulation in Indonesia to fulfill the entire requirement once you’ve decided to start a company, but there are still many details that you cannot get from reading the law or other regulations. You also need to be aware with local culture and regulation in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, you will need trusted parties especially from local people to help ensuring that all the requirements and the steps you take are right. You need to decide carefully where to run your business in Indonesia. Right after you are certain about the place, you need to seek more carefully about the exact location that will be your business address. This one needs more attention because if it is not, you will get many obstacles later.


Why business address is critical?

Company Registration Indonesia - Business AddressWhat makes your company has good credibility is prestigious business address of your company. The other reason is you will need Tax Payer Registration Number (NPWP) to legalize your business. NPWP is also valid as company’s tax ID and beneficial for proposing bank loan, obtaining other necessary company’s documents as well as for company’s tax payment. Therefore, you will need domicile letter which states the location of your head office of your company before you can get NPWP from the local tax office. You will get domicile letter from the landlord of the office building and from the Sub District (“Kelurahan”), which states the address of the company.

Make sure that once you applied the domicile letter, you are certain that you will not change the address because it will difficult you later. Changing business address listed in NPWP means your NPWP cannot be used anymore. So you need to close it and declare the new one in the new place. Therefore, ensure you took the exact location for your office.



The most efficient way is having a trusted local partner to help you.

Cekindo – Your Business Partner in Indonesia, is a market entry consultant firm providing one stop services for foreign companies and entrepreneurs from various industry to enter Indonesia market. Cekindo provide service to setting up your business in Indonesia. Besides, Cekindo also provides to assist you in company registration in Indonesia, or even we provide virtual office and also serviced office. Therefore, you will get complete help until you can have your own company established in Indonesia.

After you get NPWP with prestigious business address in you domicile letter, you can go ahead to fulfill the other requirements.

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