Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Business Visa in Indonesia

Applying for an Indonesian business visa can be quick and easy – but only when you have a clear understanding on how the process works. To make sure you can get here on time and bring the risk of deportation to zero, keep in mind these very important tips:

1. Know the kind of visa you need

A business visa Indonesia can be single entry or multiple entry. Also known as social visa, a single-entry visa becomes valid for 90 days, which means within three months after you received it, you need to visit Indonesia. Then once you’re here, you have 60 days and you need to leave the country before it expires. If you wish to extend it, you can request for an extension 4 times with 30 days maximum stay period per extension and it doesn't require the expat to exit the country for extension request.  

If you need to visit the country more than once, it’s better to apply for a multiple-entry Indonesian business visa. It is valid for 12 months with each visit good for 60 days. However, it requires the expat to exit the country in order to get the stamp from the airport every 2 months. And unless you’re from the non-restricted countries, you can get your business visa fast.

2. Prepare your requirements

Before you apply for an Indonesian business visa, make sure you have your requirements ready. These include the following:

·         Passport that’s valid up to 18 months (for multiple-entry visas)

·         Photograph

·         Return ticket

·         No less than $1,500 in your bank account

·         Letter of invitation from your sponsor

If you have an Indonesian spouse, there are additional requirements such as proof of marriage or sponsorship of your spouse. You also need to apply for a KITAS (temporary stay permit card).

Having incomplete or the wrong documents are just some of the common reasons for the rejection of a business visa application. If you need assistance in securing them, let us (in Cekindo) know. We can do most of the paperwork and guide you through the process.

3. Get a sponsor

You cannot travel to Indonesia on a business visa if you don’t have a sponsor who invites you to come here. Under the law, only organizations or companies can be sponsors, which can be tough if you’re a solo business person who likes to network here.

Cekindo can help you by acting as your sponsor. We will prepare the invitation letter and send it to the Immigration Authority promptly to make sure it gets processed fast. The department handles only 500 invitations per working day.

4. Understand the visa’s limitations

A business visa in Indonesia is used when you need to attend enterprise-related activities such as seminars and conferences. You may also use it to perform some research, look for distributors or local partners, as well as attend trade missions and other meetings.

During your stay, you cannot take up any activity that requires or gives you a salary or other forms of compensation. Otherwise, you may have to secure a work permit, which we can also process for you. In the end, stick to the purpose of your visa to avoid dealing with stiff penalties.

5. Work with a credible visa company

Cekindo is an award-winning local company that provides a wide range of services to business firms and individual entrepreneurs. These include company setup, visa processing, and outsourcing. With our formidable team of consultants, lawyers, and accountants, among others, we provide quick and reliable support your business needs in the country.

Our knowledge of the Indonesian laws, extensive network, and expertise in visa processing guarantee you can have your business visa in Indonesia fast.

Send us your inquiries today, and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.  

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