Understanding Indonesian Work Permit and How to Get It Fast

Indonesia is one of those countries in Southeast Asia that requires a valid visa for foreign nationals to visit, more so to secure a job post. There are even visas such as fast Indonesia work permit visa. This needs to be prepared and accomplished prior to an expat’s entry to the country.

The type of visa that you should get depends on the purpose of your travel. Indonesia has several types of visas to obtain. It is important for a foreign national to be familiar with the different types of visas in Indonesia. Some of the visas that Cekindo usually assist expatriates with, include the following:

Business Visa

The business visa is suitable for foreign nationals who are going to Indonesia for trainings, conferences, and other business activities. The applicant has to be sponsored by an Indonesian company. Otherwise, Cekindo can act as your sponsor if you do not have one. Those under business visa cannot accept employment nor apply for Indonesia work visa express or earn money while in the country. There are two types of business visa, the single entry business visa and the multiple-entry business visa.

Limited Stay Permit (KITAS)

Those who intend to work or stay in Indonesia for a lengthened period should secure a Limited Stay Permit (KITAS). KITAS are valid for 12 months, but it can be extended annually for up to five years. There are two of the most common types of KITAS such as instant Indonesia working visa and KITAS for those who are married to Indonesians. Those who intend to work in Indonesia should be sponsored by an Indonesian company. They also must secure an Indonesia work permit right away or IMTA, and pay USD1,200 for Expertise Skill Development Fund (DPKK) at the Ministry of Labour. KITAS card must be collected at the immigration office within seven days upon arrival in Indonesia.

Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

Expatriates who have held KITAS for a minimum of three years can already apply for a Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP). KITAP has a validity of 25 years and must be revalidated every five years. Those who are retired are not required to present a KITAS for KITAP application.  The conversion of KITAS to KITAP is done by writing a formal letter of request to the immigration office.

Retirement Visa

Retired foreign national or over 55 years old who held quick working visa Indonesia, can obtain retirement visa if they want to stay longer in Indonesia. The visa is valid for 12 months and can be extended for five times depending on the immigration’s approval. A retirement visa also requires an Indonesian sponsor.

Other Types of Visa

There are other types of visas that you can apply for. There is the tourist visa, family reunion visa, student visa, socio-culture visa, visa for professionals, and many others. Just like fast work permit Indonesia, these types of visas require Indonesian sponsor or Indonesian company.

If you are looking for an Indonesian sponsor or company, Cekindo can definitely assist you, and we can be your local representatives. We are a trusted and reputable company in Indonesia with a long list of huge, multinational companies operating in Indonesia as our clients. Visit our website today to find out how we can better help you obtain your required visa.  

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