Understanding the Concept of Office Sharing

Although the concept of a shared office or co-working spaces in Indonesia has been around for some time, many people still don’t understand it. Others may be believing the wrong information, so they end up getting confused or frustrated once they try it out.

Cekindo wants to help you appreciate the benefits of office sharing as well as comprehend what it means to your business and experience:

1. A co-working space in Jakarta or Bali (and more likely anywhere in the world is not) a virtual office.

Although they tend to sound the same, they are actually very different. In a virtual office, you don’t really have the physical space to work on. Rather, you have the right to use the office’s address for your business, especially in company registration. You can also choose to have administrative support where Cekindo’s staff will receive mail and calls on your behalf. You can still work anywhere in the world.

Co-working spaces in Indonesia entail the use of a physical space, only that it’s communal. You and the team are not the only users, and more often than not, any cosy spot or desk is not guaranteed to you.

Our company, however, offers both virtual offices in Indonesia and shared offices. Choose which one fits your business needs and budget.

2. Co-working spaces don’t have to mean collaboration or networking all the time.

Most coworking fans are start-ups and individuals who love to establish connections for collaborations, sharing of ideas, and sense of community. If you’re a foreign company, it makes starting a business here less intimidating. But this idea can sometimes be a source of anxiety for people who prefer to be alone.

Granted, at any given time, there will be plenty of people in a co-working space, but you are not obliged to network at all. You can be on your own, doing your stuff – and it’s perfectly okay.

If you truly want more exclusivity, you can rent a private office for you and your team instead.

3. Co-working spaces can have various setups and atmosphere.

In Indonesia, you’ll find a variety of shared offices. Some of them are per invitation only. There are also others that charge per hour rather than per month. Meanwhile, some do schedule regular activities for their clients.

We at Cekindo provide flexible, complete shared offices in Jakarta and Bali. Our offices are found in the most accessible locations. They are near transport, major thoroughfares, airports, accommodation, and even entertainment. Besides administrative support and business facilities, we also give free refreshments and offer daily cleaning. Our boardrooms are available for a minimal fee.

4. Co-working spaces don’t tie you into long-term contracts.

One of the best things about shared offices is you don’t need to burden yourself with long-term rent contracts. This way, you always have the choice to look for more economical or better offices anytime you like. At Cekindo, you can choose between 3 months and 12 months, making us perfect for market-entry brands, start-ups, and freelancers.

Not everyone will like the idea of coworking spaces, and it’s okay. But before you let go of the idea, consider it first.

If you need more information, you can always call us at +622 180 660 900 or email us at reception@cekindobusinesscenter.com.

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