Understanding The Virtual Office Trend in Indonesia

The business climate in Indonesia has never been more dynamic and these include the choices of a possible office address. It turns out more local and foreign businesses are setting up shop in virtual office Indonesia.


virtual office indonesia


What Is a Virtual Office?

In Indonesia, businesses cannot use a home address during company registration. As such, you need a professional address. This address can be found in the city or any commercial or business district. One of the cost-effective solutions is a virtual office.

Sometimes called a service office, it is partly physical and partly on-demand office. It means you will have a physical space where you and your team can work, as well as conduct meetings or entertain clients. But, you have the option to rent only a small amount of space or even on as-needed basis. Usually, the commonly used sections such as the pantry, conference rooms, and lobby are communal (shared by other businesses like yours).


What Are the Benefits of a Service Office Indonesia?

A service or virtual office is known for its cost friendliness, convenience, and flexibility:

1. Savings

Due to the weak demand and excess supply, the rental price for offices in Indonesia has fallen. Nevertheless, it can still be very expensive particularly for startups and new businesses. The average cost in the CBD such as Jakarta is $23 per square meter per month. That could mean spending almost $200 for a very small space good for two people.

You have to remember rent isn’t the only business expense. Indonesia has specific minimum capital requirements depending on the nature and size of the business, as well as the number of your foreign employees. You are also responsible for providing the mandatory benefits to your workers and pay your taxes promptly.

Cekindo can provide you significant savings on rent expenses. Not only that, we have three packages for you to choose from. You can opt for prestigious address, mail and call handling, or our ultimate virtual office package, which will cost you only IDR 800,000 (USD$80) per month for three months. Save more by renting the whole year. It will reduce your monthly rent by $10.


2. Prestige

Competition is tough in Indonesia, so you would need every status and recognition your business deserves. We can provide you with a prestigious business address in a service office in Jakarta. In fact, with our ultimate virtual office package, you’ll also have a dedicated phone number, or we can forward all your calls to your chosen number.


3. Convenience

The great thing about our virtual office in Jakarta is you pay cheap for a complete office experience. We have an incredible professional staff who can help you run your business like a well-oiled machine. We take care of the routine and small tasks such as handling your calls, receiving parcel, and receiving and sending fax.


We Go a Step Further

Cekindo is the leading business solutions partner in Indonesia for a reason: not only do we know Jakarta’s business industry by heart, but we provide consistent, essential services for our clients. Our business consultants will discuss the benefits and inclusions of renting our virtual office in Jakarta and Bali. This doesn’t cost you anything since it’s already included in any of the packages you’ve chosen.

We also offer a wide range of services covering business setup, business outsourcing, and local representation. We are experts in company registration with many years of experience with foreign companies.

Cekindo is here to help businesses grow by giving them options, cost effectiveness, efficiency, and top-notch customer service. Set up your business quickly, spend less on rent, and enjoy the benefits of an able staff by choosing virtual office Indonesia.

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