Unravelling the Business Visa Confusion

Visa problems are not uncommon in Indonesia, but they’re certainly not the most pleasant experiences either. There are many negative consequences to deal with including paying a hefty fine, getting yourself blacklisted or deported, or even worse sending you to jail (or it can be a combination of these).

One of the typical reasons for such problems is having the wrong visa. Whether it’s deliberate or not, Indonesia’s government imposes strict penalties for such mistakes. One of the visas you can get wrong is the business visa.

When Do You Need a Business Visa Indonesia?

Based on Article 38 of the Immigration Law, a business activity requires a visit visa. Since the scope of such visa is wide, the government breaks it down to social, cultural, tourist, and business visa. The problem lies on what constitutes a business in the country to warrant such type of visa.

So, when do you need it and not tourist or other forms of visas? You need to have one if you’re in the country for enterprise-related activities, which may be a conference, seminar, meeting, or research. One of the primary criteria is you should not be receiving any monetary compensation in exchange for your presence. Otherwise, it may already require a work permit Indonesia. It also follows you don’t seek or obtain employment in the process.

What kind of Indonesian Business Visa Do You Get?

Your Indonesian business visa can be single or multiple entry. While you can get the latter, you are more likely to enter with less hassle if you choose the single entry. It is valid for 60 days, and you can ask for an extension from the immigration authority.

If you already have three stamps, you can opt for the multiple entry, which is valid for 12 months. You are still limited to 60 days per visit, but you can go in and out of the country as many times as you want within a year’s period.

Who Applies for the Business Visa?

You cannot get a business visa without a sponsor who may be a local or foreign company, a local or foreign institution, or a representative office. Your sponsor will be the one to send your invitation.

How Long Does It Take to Process the Visa?

It usually takes 7-10 business or working days to process your business visa, but that doesn’t mean you and your sponsor can be complacent about it. The Immigration Office in Jakarta, the agency responsible for approving the invitation, provides a quota per day. Once it’s filled up, your sponsor needs to submit the invitation on the following day.

Get Indonesia Business Visa Fast

When it comes to securing a business visa in Indonesia, Cekindo is your most strategic partner. Our company provides various enterprise solutions for foreign nationals and businesses including but not limited to Indonesia work permit and business visa.

Our goal is to get your business visa as fast as possible. For this reason, we work closely with your sponsor here, ensuring they have the right invitation letter for you. Knowing how busy companies can be, our diligent staff can also file invitation on the sponsor’s behalf.

What if you’re someone who doesn’t have an official sponsor in Indonesia? You may be looking for potential suppliers or business partners. Not only can we help you with local partner selection, but our company can also act as your sponsor in these cases.

Don’t let the business visa confusion stress you. Contact us today and learn more how we can help you.

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