Virtual Office Bali: 5 Myths You should Never Believe

While the virtual office in Bali continues to flourish and has become an essential part of entrepreneurial culture, it is inevitable that some businesses still remain skeptical about the non-existing office space. The hesitant or doubtful perception of virtual offices is all due to the misinformation from people who do not understand this innovative workspace concept.  

Therefore, an aspiring business owner needs to separate facts from fiction as it is extremely critical to your business success. Virtual offices in Bali may operate in a modern way than conventional ones, but it does not mean that you do not get what you need in an office to ensure your day-to-day business operations. 

In this post, Cekindo will set the record straight on five myths about virtual office in Bali you should never believe. 


You Can’t Rely on Virtual Offices

virtual office Bali - reliable iconSome people would think that virtual offices are not reliable. Misconceptions include they will not have all the complete office equipment or the working hours you need to get things done. 

This is absolutely not true. Virtual offices often have the latest technology and office settings. They customise their solutions based on customer’s needs. All you need to do is to know what your requirements are and find the right provider based on your needs.  


They Are not Professional

virtual office Bali - professional iconThis perception is not even close to the truth. Virtual offices in Bali provide executive offices, meeting rooms, office equipment and administrative services. They are definitely more professional than home offices and coffee shops and works wonderfully with client meetings. 

Plus, a virtual office is often located in a prestigious area of which the address can be used as a business address. 


Working in a Virtual Office Is not Productive

virtual office Bali - productive iconPeople working in a virtual office are said to be more productive than those working in a conventional office space. Virtual offices allow remote workers to finish their tasks on time and according to their own pace without distractions. 

Therefore, working in a virtual office is highly productive when you do not feel as pressured without someone supervising you. 


Virtual Offices Are Expensive 

virtual office Bali - cost iconVirtual offices may seem expensive at first, especially when you take extra measures such as data protection and equipment/tools shipment to your remote workers. However, virtual offices are relatively affordable for the long run.

It is because you would not have to worry about the long-term commitment and heavy monthly maintenance and rental costs of your own office. You can just opt for a contract period based on your requirements.  


Virtual Offices will Hamper Your Career

virtual office Bali - barrier iconSome people presume that their career will suffer when they work off-site with a virtual office. They are worried that working remotely will make them get passed up for potential raises and promotions since the boss are not able to watch over what they are doing. 

This is actually not the case. Opting for virtual offices means that your company is open to the benefits virtual offices will bring. Therefore, they should have already had plans in place to measure your performance, how your role would work virtually and help their business, how communications can be done effectively, and how information can be accessed and transferred confidentially. As a result, virtual office will not hurt your long-term career but make you even better at it.


Cekindo Virtual Office in Bali

Since our establishment, Cekindo has served hundreds of businesses in Bali and is experienced in delivering outstanding virtual office solutions to all business owners. 

We do not compromise our professional and service quality. Hence, our virtual office in Bali is definitely your best choice to run your business at any stage while enhancing your business image. By buying our virtual office, you can enjoy benefits such as virtual assistance, meeting and conference rooms as well as a free consultation with our on-site business consultants.

Purchase Cekindo virtual office in Bali online now or send us an enquiry if you would like to request for further information.

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