Understanding the Virtual Office Concept

The old adage goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Well, the same is true of your company presentation and it sets the tone for your business. Hence, for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs of small businesses, image is everything.

Building an image for your business in Indonesia to thrive and grow doesn’t have to be expensive that will break your bank. Whether you’re just testing the water or ready to strive, whatever your reason, you can now save some cash and enjoy all the convenience that a concrete office can offer, through the concept of a virtual office in Indonesia.

In this article, Cekindo will guide you through the concept of a virtual office; its fundamental advantages and disadvantages; how to identify the factors contributing to choosing a virtual office that fit your business needs; and what are the options Cekindo has for your virtual office in Indonesia. Now, stop wondering why some small businesses can be successful with a strong competitive edge.

So, What Is the Concept of a Virtual Office in Indonesia?

A virtual office is everything but a physical office space of the brick-and-mortar office infrastructure. How does the virtual office concept come about? The concept came from the Executive Suite, and has ever since evolved with the ability to provide services that enable business owners and employees, with the convenience of complete business functions, to work remotely through the Internet and other advanced communication technology.

In addition to the flexibility, a virtual office enables you to create and maintain a desirable presence in a high-profile business location, while doing business in Indonesia. You will only need to pay for services but will not be required to pay rent and utilities for an actual space.

“Virtual” Changes the Landscape of Business in Indonesia

Up until today, the Internet has possessed thousand of millions of websites and a substantial amount of information. Therefore, our concept of a business has been given a new definition for the past two decades. With the increasingly growing global mobile network at its exponential rate, almost everyone is carrying their business with them everywhere they go—at home, in the airport, at the beach, on the mountain, just to name a few.

We can now perform orders and transactions online, and communicate with clients through all the available online and mobile platforms. With this complete transformation of a traditional business landscape, virtual office space emerged, and it allows business owners to work outside the traditional office space.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

Virtual office in Indonesia is oftentimes used as a powerful tool to test and enter new markets in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, as well as in Bali.  The investment cost and risk involved are minimal, if the markets that you test do not work out as successful as you have anticipated.

The services provided include a phone line, a receptionist or an assistant, fax line, mail and call handlings, and a business address at a sought-after business location. In the event of a meeting or an appointment that requires in-person discussion with your clients, a meeting space or a “real” office space is available for rent upon request.

In most cases, business owners who need services of virtual office in Indonesia are those with the following considerations:

  • Looking for low-risk alternative for new venture in Indonesia
  • Testing out new business idea
  • Working from anywhere to increase productivity
  • Foreign companies attempting to build up a business presence in Indonesia
  • Boosting business or company image with an prestigious business location—acting as an extension of your current business address
  • Downsizing from an expensive traditional office
  • Acquiring a registered business address to be in compliance with legislation
  • Seeking for services that support their daily business tasks such as answering services for email and call.

Benefits of a Virtual Office and Some Drawbacks

Through our years of providing services of virtual office in Jakarta and in Bali, Cekindo has seen countless companies taking advantage of the benefits of virtual offices.

1. It Is Practical

Virtual office is practical as it reduces costs in payroll, insurance, records, medical, etc. required for workers, compare to a brick-and-mortal office setting. Furthermore, through advanced technology, you are able to set up a conference meeting or call with clients or partners around the world without the need of a physical office space.

2. It Is Time-Saving

For all business owners and entrepreneurs out there, we all know that your time is valuable. Especially for one-person enterprises or businesses with only few workers, the day-to-day duties and tasks—call and mail handling, email responding,  and maintenance of the office space—can take away a big chunk of your time. You can now spend more time on your business mission by handling the daily mundane to a virtual office.

3. It Is Cost-Saving

It is a low investment for quick expansion compared to keeping a physical office. Plus, you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment, consultants, and furniture required in your own office space.

4. It is Environment-Friendly

Through making use of advanced technology, pretty much every information and communication are done digitally—information is now stored in the cloud, recording is done through different software—cutting down the use of paper and the huge energy used in a corporate setting

5. It Enhances Productivity and Efficiency

What could be better than waking up in the morning and work anywhere you want — escaping the hassle of daily commute and leveraging the advanced technology which can even be found at home.

6. It Boosts Your Corporate Image with A Prestigious Address

Your location is now near the hustle and bustle in heart of Indonesia, with a well-known and prestigious address—a portray of a professional corporate image to all customers and stakeholders.

7. It Comes with a “Real” Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant is more than just a telephone receptionist or an email responder. A skilled virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant, he or she will be able to screen unwanted calls, and answer to those specific questions in regards to your business. You can now focus on growing your business in Indonesia with a peace of mind.

8. It Also Comes with Meeting and Conference Facilities

Fully equipped meeting rooms and video conferencing rooms provide the best solution for occasional meet-ups.

While enjoying the new flexibility that a virtual office can provide, it is for certain that most business owners or employees miss the culture and friendships in the office — maybe even the espresso coffee machine and the water cooler chat. The collaborations would become less impersonal; and without self-discipline and the restriction of an office space, the productivity might decrease.

Considerations While Deciding on a Virtual Office in Indonesia

Even if a virtual office offers all sorts of benefits, you should have take a hard look before you leap — while choosing an ideal virtual office in Indonesia for your business. There are several factors to be considered:

  • Location, location, location (business address)
  • Type of your business in Indonesia
  • Mail accessibility and forwarding
  • Types of technology
  • Types of facilities included (Cekindo offers free business consultation)
  • Experience of the virtual assistance
  • Maintenance of the building
  • Other business-specific requirements

Are You Ready to Build a Successful Business in Indonesia?

Have a wonderful business idea now but not quite sure if it will pan out? We understand that taking the leap of faith into a new venture and starting a business in Indonesia could be exciting, and at the same time daunting.  If you are doing it right with the assistance of a virtual office, it can save you a great deal of time, effort, and most importantly the capital that you will need to invest.

Cekindo offers different virtual office packages that can help you to impress, and to make an impact, for doing business in Indonesia. 

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