How Remote Jobs are Improved through Virtual Office in Jakarta

The trend of working remotely through the use of virtual office in a big city like Jakarta has skyrocketed and it is totally understandable. This is because remote work has a lot of advantages for both employees and employers such as zero to low overhead costs, flexibility, and a greater talent tool and market opportunities from all over the world. So businesses which have already taken part in the new trend make themselves possessing a more competitive edge. 

Many firms offering flexible work schedules and locations to employees have found that workers are actually more engaged, more productive, and more likely to achieve work-life balance, improving business performance and decreasing employee’s turnover significantly.

Therefore, if you are thinking of running a business through a virtual office in Jakarta and employing remote workers, here is how virtual office can transform the remote job tremendously and help you get the ultimate results.

Virtual Office and How it Improves Remote Jobs in Jakarta

Eliminate Loneliness and Boost Engagement

Virtual offices allow workers to engage with other professionals. Unlike working from a home office, a virtual office helps spark creativity with real in-person interaction and reduce professional loneliness.

Furthermore, you build a more connected company culture by making workers aware of their roles through a more flexible office setting. 
Professional Addresses in Prime Location 

A professional address that a virtual office offers is one of the biggest factors why so many entrepreneurs have chosen virtual offices. For entrepreneurs who are not able to afford expensive office space in a prestigious location, virtual offices take away their problems.

A virtual office’s professional address enables entrepreneurs to impress their clients and prospects, and motivates their employees.
More Productive and More Engaged

It is nice to have family around but home offices have huge drawbacks when you need to stay focused. Noise from your family members and neighbours, especially when you have children, construction works, and other distractions such as TV playing in the background and mailman coming to knock on your door are some main killers to your productivity.
Therefore, virtual offices are great alternative for remote workers at home office to transition to in order to increase engagement and be more productive.
Meeting Rooms

It is extremely useful for remote workers and employers when virtual offices have meeting rooms. Meeting rooms makes inviting clients or potential partners to your place of work easy, and telling your clients that your business is established and reliable. Then they will put more trust in you and are more willing to work with you.
You can only pay for meeting rooms when you need them instead of renting them for a long period of time. Make sure the meeting rooms that virtual offices have are up to your expectations. 
Receptionist for Call Answering

The person answering your call for your business is critical and time-sensitive. How you answer your call make a huge difference if a client wants to work with you or not.

In a virtual office, calls are often answered by a receptionist who is professionally trained to make a good impression and to make sure that you do not miss any important calls. 

Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Jakarta

Renting a virtual office with Cekindo means that you can enjoy a prestigious business address, a premium phone number, and full support from our staff and receptionists in Jakarta.
Our professionally trained staff and receptionists will take care of all your administrative needs and answer your calls with a personalised approach promptly and efficiently. You do not have to worry about missed phone calls and missed opportunities anymore.  
Want to find out more about our Cekindo’s virtual office in Jakarta? Contact us now and our friendly representatives will find one that suits all your business needs

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