Virtual Office Semarang: How It Makes Sense for Business

Moving to a virtual office, especially in a city like Semarang where land area is more limited, has become a new trend for startups and business environment as it offers many significant advantages. For example, companies can benefit from having diverse workforce all over the world without being tied down to a fixed location. 

In short, virtual offices allow employees to work anytime and from anywhere in the world by making use of technology such as video conferencing and team chat software to make sure the team is keeping pace with the project. The switch to virtual office has also helped business save substantial costs. 

On top of that, many business owners that are thinking of transferring their businesses to a virtual office tend to believe that virtual offices create opportunities for employee’s creativity and most importantly, productivity.

Let’s take a look, in more detail, on how a virtual office in Semarang can affect your company in many positive ways. 

Reducing Overhead

Virtual Office Semarang BenefitsWe would say that one of the huge benefits for using a virtual office in Semarang is significant overhead reduction. It’s true that some companies still need a physical space for their daily operations, but for more and more companies in this new technological era, it might not seem as necessary anymore. 

Take the e-commerce website for example. The company behind the e-commerce website might only need a copywriter, a web designer, and a strong marketing and sales team. These people don’t have to be present in the same place as they have their own tasks to complete and the products or services sold online are delivered directly from a vendor to the customer. As a result, no physical space is required and this team can work at the comfort of their own location by communicating through video conferencing, calls or team chat. 

Since a physical office is not required for this company, you can imagine that their overhead is much lower when there is no need to pay for the rental. What’s more, they can instead spend extra money on boosting worker’s talent, improving customer services, etc. 

Skipping the Commute

Being able to skip the commute is a benefit that many employers and employees are excited about. Not only that employers do not have to compensate for employees’ commuting expenses, but it also means that employees do not have to spend so much time traveling back and forth and getting ready in proper attire for work. 

The time saved from commuting can be used on other areas that can produce more positive results for the company. Furthermore, employees will be more focused without the distraction and annoyance brought by being stuck in the traffic.

Recruiting Talent from Anywhere

Industries nowadays have been moving towards globalisation and the technology has allowed us to gain global talent and expand our businesses. Therefore, through virtual office, companies are able to recruit a diverse team consisting of different expertise and global perspective. 

Many researches and studies have shown that these multinational perspectives and diversity have led to a more productive and profitable business. What could be better by having the best people in your team that you can afford without the need of an office that requires monthly rental?

Allowing Employees to Work when They Are at Their Best 

The fact says that everyone has their own prime time to perform job at their best. Some people deliver the best results in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some can be amazingly productive at 3am when anyone else is asleep. 

Therefore, not everyone fits the corporate 9-5 working hours. Through a virtual office, you allow more flexibility and broader hiring options with a bigger pool of talent. Let’s face it, as a business owner, you don’t really care how your employees work, you just need them to deliver results on time. 

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Virtual Office in Semarang by Cekindo

Cekindo’s virtual office in Semarang is perfect for today’s ever-evolving businesses to save time and money. Our services also enable companies to operate in an agile business landscape and to empower company growth. 

Buy our virtual office now or get in touch with us first to know more about our virtual office packages. Cekindo also has virtual offices with addresses in Jakarta and Bali.


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