Virtual Office Semarang: 5 Must-Have Tools for Operations

It is definitely an understatement to say that the workplace has changed, and so has the way we work. The emergence of virtual office and the rapid development of technology has transformed how people get things done efficiently.
Not only that virtual offices have helped many companies streamline the way they conduct their businesses, the concept of virtual offices also eliminate the hefty costs. These costs are associated with monthly rent for an office, hiring an in-house receptionist or administrative staff, utilities and other maintenance costs.  

Today, about 62% of small businesses are using virtual offices, while 60% of medium-sized organisations and 70% of large businesses are using virtual offices. So if your business is a business that utilises a virtual office in Semarang, you need to read on because this article elaborates how you can better manage your work, your employees and your clients with these 5 must-have tools.

Online Cloud Storage Service

It is obvious that online cloud storage service is a must for every business that uses a virtual office. You need this service to upload, download, share and backup all your company documents. This allows your remote employees to access to the documents more efficiently. Some of the most popular cloud storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon Cloud. 

What is more, an online storage is much cheaper than an on-site hard drive storage options. It is also more reliable because on-site hard drive storage will crash and you will lose every important document. 

Web Conferencing Tool

Meeting is commonplace when it comes to collaboration and finding solutions for your business. Therefore, you need the web conferencing abilities so that your remote workers can come together for the meeting at the same time. 

There are many free web conferencing tools you can use to ensure your members stay on top of the projects even when they are a thousand miles away. Just to name a few, they are Skype, Google Hangout, and Zoom. 

Collaboration Tools 

To accomplish the same goal means that you need collaboration tools while your team is working on the same task or project. 

These cloud collaboration tools allow you to keep track of your remote workers’ progress all in one place. Some collaboration tool examples are Hubspot and Github.

Communication Service

Communication is critical in every aspect of a business. Collaboration is impossible when there is no proper communication among employees and employers. This is why virtual offices must have cloud-based communication tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, Flowdock, etc. 

These tools are mostly free and you can upgrade them with more advanced features inexpensively.

Virtual Answering and Call Services

A virtual call and answering service can attend to your clients almost any time of the day. This tool is extremely important because it can decide how satisfied your customers are if their enquiries are attended to.  Your customers know that you are always available for them even when you are busy.  

What Cekindo Virtual Office in Semarang Can Offer

The facilitation of virtual offices is one of the best ways to run your business in Semarang at any scale.

While you need to get some of the above-mentioned tools on your own, Cekindo virtual office in Semarang can provide you with virtual answering and call services along with mail handling and a receptionist. What is more, you can also enjoy our meeting and conference rooms, not to mention a prestigious address in a prime location.

Get in touch with us today to know more about our virtual offices packages. Other than Semarang, we also have virtual offices in Jakarta and Bali.

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