Virtual Office: Thinking Outside the Box

These days it’s no longer enough that you have a reliable, cost-friendly product or service. To do – and stay – in business, you have to achieve the following:

·        Innovation or otherwise competition and entry of new brands will kill you

·        Strong strategic partnership both domestically and globally

·        Accessibility to your existing and potential market

·        Flexibility to adapt to the changing norms in the industry, preference or demand of the market, and dynamics of economies

For all these reasons, many foreign businesses are setting up in Indonesia.

In the last quarter of 2016, the growth of foreign direct investments in the country slowed significantly with only 2.1 percent growth. However, this is also the smallest it’s ever been for the last 5 years. Further, in the same year, World Bank placed the archipelago at sixteenth place in terms of GDP, beating Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Although it still imposes restrictions on foreign ownership of business across a number of industries, it also eases numerous conditions. The cost of living remains more affordable than developed Asia-Pacific countries. In 2015, Business Intelligence from Dezan Shira & Associates compared operational costs between China and Indonesia and found out the latter offered cheaper labor and lower VAT.

Setting Up a Business in Indonesia Fast

Indonesia remains to be a fast-developing country that offers foreign businesses a lot of opportunities for growth, placement in the huge Asian market, and better overall position in the global arena.

But the biggest challenge in putting up a business here is the process itself: it can be very confusing. While the government has already made an effort to streamline the steps and requirements, the regulations may still be a cause of delay and mistakes for would-be investors and business persons.

Because of this, you need a dependable, highly knowledgeable partner like Cekindo that offers comprehensive business services for foreigners. Our company can process your Indonesia business visa fast. We can guide and assist you every step of the way including company registration.

Think Innovation with Your Office

To be able to run the business in the country, you will need to have a legitimate business address in order to obtain a domicile letter. But if you’re the kind of business that needs only a minimal amount of time in the office, a startup, a representative office, or a business with a very small team, you don’t need a huge physical space. In fact, there’s a good chance you don’t require an office at all.

Cekindo encourages you to innovate while working in your comfort zone with our virtual office in Indonesia. Unlike shared or co-working office space in Jakarta or Bali, this package guarantees you one critical element in business registration: an address.

You can use the address of our virtual office in Bali or Jakarta for all your correspondence and documents without ever having to spend anytime here. Thus, you can bring the business with you anytime and anywhere. You can also choose to pay an extra fee for a customer support to handle your mails and calls.

Nevertheless, when you’re around, you can opt for our co-working office space in Jakarta or Bali to enjoy the privilege of our business-friendly facilities such as meeting rooms and office support.

These are the days when you can’t limit yourself to the norm. Pick cost-effective virtual offices and maximize your flexibility, time, money, and efficiency.

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