Virtual Offices Are on the Rise: Here's Why

According to Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI), the growth rate of virtual offices jumped to 18.3 percent in 2009 from no more than 8 percent the previous year. This segment, therefore, became one of the most promising and strongest trends in office solutions.

Here in Indonesia, a virtual office in Jakarta and Bali are now preferred options both by local and international companies. The question is why.

1. Cost Advantage

In the United States, the demand for virtual offices grew during the height of recession. Around this time, businesses struggled keeping themselves afloat. Cutting back on major expenses such as rent helped improve their profit margin. Seeing this benefit, business owners have decided to retain the lifestyle while others are following suit.

Fortunately, the Great Recession didn’t have a severe negative impact on Indonesia’s economy. Even then, companies have learnt. While the country doesn’t have exorbitant rental rates for a physical office, a virtual office in Indonesia offers significant cost savings.

Our company Cekindo can provide you with an Ultimate Virtual Office Package that costs only $80 per month for 3 months. Compare that to spending $18 per square metre per month on a class A building.

2. Increased Productivity

A commuting survey in 2015 revealed a grim reality of Jakarta’s busy streets: people spent an average of two hours stuck in traffic. In a year, about 400 hours were lost to just traveling to and from the workplace.

Let’s suppose your business earns $10 for every hour. Jakarta traffic, therefore, brings down your revenues by $4,000, more than enough to pay a full-time entry-level employee for one year!

A virtual office in Jakarta and Bali means no money goes to waste. You can choose to work in the comforts of your home or anywhere else in the world. You have the best control of your time, efficiency, and productivity. So do your employees.

3. Shared Office Space

Companies that invest in a virtual office can also have a shared office space. An office space in Jakarta or Bali already includes several function or meeting rooms, a common pantry, a spacious lobby or lounge, and business facilities. For a very small fee, Cekindo can give you a private physical office.

The service office in Indonesia is necessary when you need to meet existing and potential clients. It’s also a good opportunity to network or socialise with other businesses using virtual offices.

Moreover, Cekindo’s shared working space Jakarta is located in one of the premier buildings in the CBD. It helps give your business the impression of influence, status, and success, which then attracts more investments.

4. Health

Long hours of commute can take a toll on a person’s health and well-being. It can increase your blood pressure and affects both physical and mental performance. You can be prone to making bad business decisions.

One of the primary reasons for the rapid growth of virtual offices in Indonesia is health preservation. Workers can protect themselves from pollution, long hours of sitting, and overall stress brought about by intense traffic.

Find the Right Virtual Office Space in Indonesia

Picking the right virtual office in Bali or Jakarta can be daunting, but Cekindo is here to make it easier and faster for you. We give you flexibility, control, cost advantage, and efficiency.

Choosing a Cekindo virtual office either in Bali or Jakarta means having:

·         A premium business address that speaks influence and professionalism

·         Reliable business solutions such as call and mail handling

·         On-demand facilities from boardrooms to fax machines and high-speed Internet

·         24/7 security

·         Low and affordable business costs

As one of the leading business support companies in the country, Cekindo takes your virtual office solutions a step further. We can provide you with a FREE consultation for company registration. You will also have a Cekindo specialist to help you set up your virtual office Indonesia fast and easy.

Fill out the order form or call us today at +622 180 660 900 if you have questions or concerns. We’re here, ready to assist you.

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