Visas and Working Permits 101

If you’re a foreigner planning to travel to Indonesia for whatever purpose, one of the biggest questions would be, which visa should you get? Indonesia offers a lot, and the rules can change from time to time. Thus, it becomes confusing for many would-be travelers.

To help you, Cekindo will enumerate some of the common ones and guide you on how to secure an fast business visa Indonesia fast or Indonesia work permit.

Kinds of Visa

Per article 38 of the Immigration law, most of those who come to Indonesia have to obtain a visit visa. This one can be business, social, cultural, or tourist. The length of the visa depends on the purpose, duration of your stay, and your country of origin. The last one matters because some countries are exempt from getting a visa based on the 2013 immigration regulation 31.

Then there’s the work visa. With a growing economy, low cost of living, and a vibrant expatriate community, the country continues to attract foreigners wishing to apply the Indonesia work visa.

Not a problem except that it’s also the trickiest among the three. Indonesia has very strict regulations concerning foreign employment. One, it doesn’t open all its industries to foreign investment. Second, it mandates all foreign companies to hire three local workers for every employed foreigner. It also doesn’t want to have a stiff competition for its small-scale local businesses.

So how do you get an Indonesia working permit? It’s a long and tedious process:

1. Have a sponsor.

In other words, you cannot come to Indonesia using another visa and then look for work. You can be blacklisted and deported or, worse, sent to prison. Your sponsor, which is your company, will also be the one to process your application.

2.  Get your VITAS (Visa Tinggal Terbatas).

It is the limited stay visa issued to a foreigner planning to travel to Indonesia for a much longer period. It covers several activities from studying to doing research and working. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks before you will receive your VITAS in your country of origin, and it comes from Directorate General of Jakarta Immigration Office. For fewer complications, your sponsor should submit your application on your behalf.

3. Travel to Indonesia and present the VITAS.

 Besides having a passport that’s valid within the next 18 months, you also need to have your VITAS, which you should present to the immigration within 7 days after your arrival. If you’re traveling with your family, they should also come along and present their VITAS as well. Otherwise, you can find yourself in a time-consuming and stressful legal hassle.

4. Get your work permit Indonesia.

We’ve come to the meat of the process of securing a work permit Indonesia.

Before a foreign company can bring in foreigners to work, it needs to prove you are absolutely needed by the business to function properly. For this reason, an Indonesia work permit isn’t available for any would-be employee.

Based on the 2015 Government Regulation 35, you need to display a level of competence to do the job – you should be an expert. Your education should be in line with the supposed job and have at least 5 years of working experience in a similar or same position. You also need to have a life and health insurance coverage.

During your visit to the immigration, your VITAS should be converted to KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas). It is a limited stay permit card, which you need to apply for a working permit Indonesia.

Your company has to pay for development funds to Indonesian Ministry of Manpower (DKP-TKA) every month depending on your length of stay (although all are paid in advance). It costs $100 per month multiplied by your duration of stay.

Only then will you receive your work permit called IMTA or HKTA (Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing).

The duration of the VITAS will then be adjusted according to the length of employment in the country, and the validity of KITAS will be co-terminus to your VITAS.

Fast Indonesia Working Visa with Cekindo

We understand the complexity and difficulty of securing a work visa Indonesia as a sponsor and a foreign worker. Our company offers a wide range of services including fast business visa and work permit. With our extensive knowledge on the legalities, visas and work permits, as well as our comprehensive networks, we can process your working permit Indonesia quickly and efficiently.

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