What Makes for the Best Co-working Space?

While virtual offices are ideal for people on the go, at some point, you need your “headquarters” where you can run your business and even work more efficiently and effectively. But what if you don’t have the huge amount of cash or be tied down to long-term contracts?

One of your best options is to use co-working spaces in Indonesia. They provide a good balance of low cost, flexible arrangements, and access to a lot of business facilities with a few bells and whistles.

Choosing the right shared offices in Jakarta may be a challenge for first-timers, however, so we came up with a short guide:

1. An Ideal Location

Your co-working space must be accessible, especially since Indonesian traffic can be horrendous. You want to make sure you’re getting your commute is worth. Cekindo’s co-working spaces in Indonesia are found in strategic areas in Jakarta and Bali.

In Jakarta, we are at the ninth floor of Grand Slipi Tower, one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the capital. That also makes us less than an hour away from the airport and no more than 20 minutes from public transport, hotels, banks, post offices, and the mall.

2. Flexible Package Options

Anyone who wants to use co-working spaces in Indonesia should be comfortable being surrounded by other guests or clients, but if you’re looking for some privacy, Cekindo can also help you out. We have available private offices you can rent according to your preferred number of months. You can also book our fully furnished meeting rooms for business presentations, conferences, and negotiations.

These are on top of the fact you can still take advantage of our virtual office package, where you’re entitled to use our address for your business transactions.

3. Remarkable Amenities

Let’s start with the basics. Look for an office with ample space to move around and get comfortable while working. You need a workstation with a reliable Internet connection as well as the usual business facilities such as fax machines and telephones.

At Cekindo’s shared office spaces in Jakarta and Bali, you get all these and more. We provide free refreshments including overflowing coffee. We have designed our space in such a way it promotes collaboration, creativity, and comfort.

4. Unlimited Support

Many co-working spaces are cookie-cutter versions of one another, and that’s not entirely bad if they provide the amenities you’re looking for. However, if you want to get the best value for your money, you should look for one more thing: support.

It means when you need assistance, there’s a dedicated staff who can help you. If you’re out of town, the receptionist can take your calls or accept mail and parcel on your behalf.

Cekindo’s Indonesia co-working spaces feature polite, knowledgeable receptionists who can speak both Bahasa Indonesia and English fluently. We also offer daily cleaning, administrative support, and even an on-site business consultant. You have our able team ready to help you in all your business concerns.

If you’re a frequent traveller, our office can recommend and give you access to other similar spaces around the world.  

When it comes to selecting the most desirable co-working spaces in Indonesia, don’t just settle for what’s enough. Set your standards high because you and your business deserve it.

To book your shared office space in Jakarta or Bali with Cekindo, call us at +622 180 660 900. You may also email us at reception@cekindobusinesscenter.com or fill out this form.

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