Why Do People Thrive in Co-working Spaces?

More people are ditching the conventional office setup and opting for something new like a co-working space.

In a co-working office space in Indonesia everyone has access to the same facilities and services. Some may opt for something more private, like leasing a small workstation or cubicle offices.

Granted, this is not for everyone, but if you’re still thinking if it’s best for you or why it works, then here are the best reasons:

1. People are not lone creatures.

While a person’s specific needs can vary significantly, they all boil down to a few things. These include the need to socialize. Each desire to belong. In fact, behavioral theories like that of Maslow suggest a person doesn’t feel complete unless he or she is able to socialize.

Socialization is more than finding networks for the business. It is about the feeling of security, knowing you have people to count on and those who share your vision and beliefs.

You may think, “But introverts don’t socialize.” That is the biggest misconception with introversion. Both extroverts and introverts desire to be part of a group and have friends. Their stimulation is different.


2. Co-working stimulates the brain.

In Cekindo co-office space in Jakarta and Bali, you’ll find the place buzzing. Creativity is overflowing for several reasons. One is collaboration. You can meet other people who share your interests and are more than willing to provide and critique ideas.

Many business stories come from co-working spaces as companies discover new talents and possible joint venture partners. These exchanges of ideas, new perspectives, and talent discovery can also open more opportunities for expansion.


3. A co-working space is about freedom.

You can thrive in a co-working space because it gives you freedom. You can manage your own time. You don’t need to follow the 9-5 rule. You can work in your office, in the lounge, pantry, etc. Cekindo also offers you a virtual office in Jakarta and Bali. In this setup, you can skip travelling altogether yet still feel as if you’re in a prestigious office space.

You have more control over your money. Cekindo provides you with several office packages whether you plan to do business in Jakarta or Bali. We’re also opening to customize plans for your needs and budget.

A co-working space Jakarta can also save you money. You get to share the costs of communal areas such as the pantry, meeting rooms, and lobby with other lessees. Some services may require only a nominal fee per use (or per hour).


4.  People get the best of both worlds.

With a co-working space, you have the option to work by yourself or collaborate with others. Because these spaces are within the heart of the CBD, you can do your job for hours and enjoy some me time once you step out.


5. You can be more productive.

Both a co-working space and a virtual office in Bali or Jakarta can help you become more productive in different ways. The latter prevents you from wasting your time being stuck in traffic, while the former improves your focus and motivation. After all, you have other like-minded individuals around you.



Get a Co-Working Space Quick with Cekindo

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With our co-working space in Jakarta or Bali, you can take advantage of our complete business facilities from the boardrooms to the lobby. We provide daily cleaning services, unlimited refreshments, and high-speed Internet access. We have knowledgeable, polite staff who can handle calls in Bahasa and English. You can also opt for mail handling for your virtual office.

As the leader in business outsourcing, we provide other services that ensure you can run your business smoothly and effectively.

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