Are you looking for a cost affordable office solution for your company in Indonesia? Cekindo offers an easy and cost-effective office solution for your company. You can buy our virtual, co-working and private office online, and start using it today. By renting the virtual, co-working and private office from Cekindo, you will get an effective solution so that you don't need to pay attention to all office maintenance and human resources. You can immediately start to work. start to work and focus just on your daily core business. Whether you are a foreigner who is about to start a business in Indonesia, a young start-up looking for an affordable office space, or a self-employed professional, Cekindo has the right office solutions package for you. Depending on your needs for an office, Cekindo will create a personalized solution for you.

What are the main differences between a Virtual Office & Co-working and Private Office in Indonesia?

Office in Indonesia

  • To conduct a business in Indonesia, you will need to have an office set up in a business area. Therefore, if you are self-employed, or have a business in Indonesia in its early stage, a virtual office in Jakarta, in Bali, or in Semarang is an ideal solution for you. Our virtual office in Indonesia provides you a prestigious business address in Jakarta Barat, in Kuta and in Ruko Peterongan Plaza, Semarang.
  • Apart from having a prestigious business address, you will have access to our team, who will take care of all your business needs such as call handling, and mail handling.
  • Virtual office is the cheapest way of starting a small business in Indonesia.
  • Moreover, if you need to turn your virtual office into a physical office space for a business meeting, or undisturbed work, you will only be charged with the time you spend there.
  • Based on the selected package, the monthly fee for a virtual office in Indonesia is starting from 383.000 IDR, which provides amazing price to performance ratio.
virtual office packages

Co-working and private
office in Indonesia

  • Co-working office in Indonesia is an alternative solution for a more sophisticated business need if your business requires more than just a virtual office in Indonesia.
  • Cekindo offers both co-working office—available for up to 20 hours a week—and private office in Indonesia.
  • Apart from the services provided at the office space in Bali, as well as in Jakarta and Semarang, you will receive special benefits such as refreshments, and free professional business consultations, such as company registration, licenses, accounting and tax reporting, payroll processing, visa services.
  • Our most exclusive co-working and private office package even include PCs, for which you can start using the office space right away.
  • Monthly fees for our co-working and private office are starting from 290.000 IDR.
  • If you want to have at least a virtual tour through our office space, visit our gallery.
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