Expat Life in Indonesia: Best and Worst

Being an expat and living in a place other than your homeland is often a good experience that will change your life. However, there will always be bumps and good roads along the way during your stay as a foreigner in Indonesia. Expat life is about what and how you make it in this beautiful archipelago. Moaning about the bumps will never help, but embracing them and appreciating the good roads will help you live a more wonderful life in Indonesia.

Shades of grey are inevitable in expat life all around the world, including Indonesia. This article highlights the most and least favourable truths we’ve seen on display in Indonesia through expats living in the country over the years.

The Best

1. The People

In general, people in Indonesia are friendly, non-confrontational and shy. Expats living in Indonesia often talk about the overwhelming kindness, generosity and friendliness they have experienced. It is a great feeling that you know someone will help you out when you encounter issues in the country.

2. The Nature and Landscape

From glorious temples to majestic mountains, there are countless natural landscapes intriguingly sprawling across this beautiful archipelago. With more than 17,000 islands and 300 ethnicities in Indonesia, a myriad of stunning places await expats to discover and revel in.

3. The Weather

Many expats favour the tropical climate in Indonesia: the weather is warm and relatively humid all year round. That is why lightweight clothing is usually sufficient throughout the year, and expats save the troublesome to buy and carry those heavy and thick winter coats.

The Worst

1. Medical and Health Issues

For expats, especially those from countries with great medical system and uncommon diseases that are unheard of, you need to be extra careful of certain diseases and illnesses in Indonesia.

Depending on which part of Indonesia you are traveling to, you may be at risk of contracting a particular disease. For example, Sumatra and Papua are considered the jungle areas of Indonesia and thus, mosquitoes are ramping with malaria and dengue.

2. Visa Extensions and Work Permit Restrictions Are Such a Pain

Indonesia offers many visa options that you may end up wondering which visa type is the right one for you. The government is also known for applying strict rules regarding work permit for foreigners.

Once you have your visa and/or work permit, this may not be the end. You will then have to think about the visa extension before your visa expires. Indonesia is famous for its red tape and long processing time. As a result, foreigners may have to go back and forth to the local immigration office.

One important thing to remember as an expat is that you will need to keep your visa and work permit status up to date. Otherwise, fines may incur and sanctions await for overstaying your visa and overstepping the work permit limitation.

Cekindo as Your Visa Extension and Work Permit Agent

Engaging a visa and work permit expert like Cekindo is by far the most efficient way to apply for and extend your visa and/or work permit in Indonesia. Not only will you save time and money by not having to visit the local immigration office several times, but you will also be guaranteed that you will get your visa and proper work permit (provided that you meet all criteria) in the shortest period of time.

Talk to us now and enjoy your stay as an expat in arguably the most picturesque country in Southeast Asia.


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