Multiple-Entry Business Visa: How to Get Yours Now

Foreigners in Indonesia have either a visit visa or a work permit. Unless you’re getting a salary, you need to have the former. On the other hand, the kind of visit visa you should carry depends on your purpose. It can be tourist, social, cultural, or business.

A business visa Indonesia is one of the easiest ways to travel in the country. With the right support and guidance, you can get here within 2 weeks. This visa then allows you to:

·         Attend seminars and conferences

·         Look for potential local partners

·         Process documents for company registration

·         See industries for potential investments

·         Work remotely as long as you don’t receive any salary in Indonesia or employed by a local or foreign company in the country (Cekindo offers virtual offices in Jakarta and Bali)

Your Indonesia business visa can be single or multiple entry. A single-entry visa is valid only for 60 days and can be extended 4 times with a minimum passport validity of 6 months. If you wish to extend it, you can leave the country within that period (usually, crossing the border) and then come back.

This, however, is a hassle and may even get you into a lengthy and intimidating interrogation process with the immigration.

For frequent business travellers, the better option is the multiple-entry business visa. Although each stay is still limited to 60 days, you can travel anytime within 12 months.

How to Get One

There are two ways to apply for a multiple-entry business visa in Indonesia: apply through the online system where you submit all your legal documents or choose a more efficient solution, which is to work with Cekindo.

You can apply for a multiple-entry Indonesia business visa provided you have the following requirements:

·         Complete application and CV

·         Invitation from your sponsor

·         Passport that’s valid for 18 months

·         Itinerary

·         Return ticket

·         Proof of sufficient funds via bank statement (no less than $1,500 in your account)

Cekindo can help you obtain your Indonesia business visa fast through:


You cannot get a business visa unless you have a sponsor letter addressed to the embassy. Since the country doesn’t allow an individual to be a sponsor, only a local or foreign company, representative office, or an organisation can process your invitation.

If you and/or your business partner cannot get an invitation letter, we can act as your sponsor and process the letter as soon as possible. It’s important we can send it to the Immigration Office quickly since there is a daily quota of 600 invitations.

If you’re in the process of bringing in people to help you set up a company in the country, we can also provide the sponsorship. Note, though, a business visa prohibits the holder from receiving a salary or being employed. If you want to hire foreigners, you need to get the work permit.


Even if you already have the invitation, the embassy can still reject your business visa in Indonesia. It usually happens when you fail to meet certain requirements such as the length of your passport’s validity or insufficient funds.

Cekindo is here to provide you with specialists who can guide you through the entire application process even when you’re still in the country of your origin. We also extend our full support upon your arrival.

Skip the hassle of reapplying your Indonesia business visa. Get a multiple-entry business visa with a reliable, trusted, and efficient partner. Call Cekindo today at +622 180 660 900.

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