How to Buy a Shelf Company in Indonesia Online

Would it not be the best and most convenient thing to start a business in Indonesia without the hassle of a startup? No headaches and surprises with your company registration and obtaining the right permits and visas.

No endless waiting on documents and approvals only to find out there is still a document missing, prolonging the whole process of what you want to do: starting a company in Indonesia and have it running smooth and easy in a short amount of time.

We always love to bring good news to our readers – it is possible! How? A shelf company is a solution.

What is a shelf company?

A shelf company is just what you have been looking for: it is a ready-made business that allows you to start working on the Indonesian market straight away without any hassle and frustration.

How does it work?

A shelf company in Indonesia is a legal entity registered in Indonesia with the right documents and permits. It has been ‘left on the shelf’, free from usage or business history. It has just been sitting there waiting for you to buy it online.

The shelf companies have aged for months or even years, only gaining credibility and trust, giving your business that fast kick-start that it needs.

Why buy a shelf company in Indonesia?

Starting a business in a far-away country like Indonesia can be quite challenging. There are different rules applicable, specific licenses to obtain, work permits to apply for, and the list goes on. For those wanting to start their business in Indonesia immediately, a shelf company is a perfect solution.

It also comes in handy that your newly-bought company gives the impression of being established a long time ago, making it more trustable and reliable for customers. To sum it up nicely, here are three main reasons why people purchase a shelf company in Indonesia:

1. Immediate start

This certainly is reason #1! With a shelf company, like mentioned above, you can start your business in Indonesia straight away. As there is no time to be lost especially when your product is innovative and entering an Indonesian market as the first one will create a strong competitive advantage.

After the purchase, simply change the name of the company, the director and the shareholders and the company is yours to have and to keep.

2. Hassle free

Someone else went through the hassle of paperwork and rules for you. Such a relief! Especially in Indonesia where foreign investments are limited.

3. Trust and credibility

While waiting on the shelf to be purchased, a company has been ageing. The longer a company exists, the more trust and credibility it has for your clients.

Make it faster

Purchasing a shelf company is such a time saver. You still need to go through business meetings with a provider, making sure that the company is clean and negotiate the conditions, but it should not take you more than a month.

However, at Cekindo, we know that time is money, so we will make sure the process will be done in no more than one week.


We have shown our cards. Check our list of shelf companies online as well as the testimonials from our clients.

The whole process is manageable online, so everything you must do is just click on "Buy Now!" button. The management control is immediately transferred to you – the new owner – as the contract is signed and notarised by a public notary. You will be provided with following:

  • A company name and incorporation number
  • A company office address and phone number
  • A tax number and identification
  • Set of document related to company registration
  • Set of local nominee agreements
  • A corporate bank account number and access to internet banking (if required)

Check out Cekindo’s list of shelf companies, they are updated every day. Do not forget that the whole process takes only 5 working days. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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