5 Issues with a Business Visa in Indonesia and How to Tackle Them

One of the visas that foreign entrepreneurs can apply for in Indonesia is a business visa. It is also one of the most misunderstood legal documents issued by the Indonesian immigration, always confused with other visas such as cultural visa, social visa, tourist visa, free exempted visa or visa on arrival.

There are many negative events you need to deal with if you have a visa nightmare. This would include being deported or blacklisted, paying a hefty fine, or/and being imprisoned.

You should not take your visa issue lightly because Indonesia’s government imposes tough penalties for visa blunders. This article will unravel the common issues with a business visa in Indonesia and how you can fix them.

What is a Business Visa in Indonesia

A business visa in Indonesia is granted for individuals visiting Indonesia for business purposes or activities for a maximum stay of 60 days. These activities include a non-profit organisation (NGO) seminar,  meetings, training, workshops, inspection and audit, conferences, etc.

One important thing is that even though a business visa is for the purpose of business activities, you are forbidden to be employed or to get paid in Indonesia.

In order to obtain a business visa, your application must be sponsored by a legal organisation or entity in Indonesia. These legal entities include foreign-owned companies, representative offices and local-owned companies such as Cekindo.

Problem 1: Confusing a Business Visa with a Work Permit

As discussed earlier, a business visa is provided for foreign visitors to conduct business meeting or negotiation in Indonesia without any monetary employment pay.

A work permit, or also known as IMTA, however, allows a foreigner to work and get paid legally in Indonesia.

Another apparent difference is that business visa requires fewer documents than work permit and the process is simpler as well. Besides, a business visa takes 5 working days to process (which can be done online) while a work permit takes 55 working days to complete.

Problem 2: Confusing a Business Visa with KITAS

KITAS is a limited stay permit in Indonesia. If you plan to work or stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days up until a year, you will need to acquire a KITAS. The length of the validity of your KITAS depends on your job nature. It usually ranges between 6 months to 1 year and can be extended.

Just like a business visa, holding a KITAS does not mean you can work and get paid in Indonesia. You will have to have IMTA as well.

For longer stay and with a plan to work in Indonesia in the future, KITAS is your best option. To know the detailed difference between different visas and your appropriate visa needs, Cekindo is able to assist you more efficiently.

Problem 3: Not Knowing the Existence of a Multiple-Entry Business Visa

Many foreigners do not know that if they plan to come to Indonesia several times during a year, they can apply for a multiple-entry business visa. The visa lasts for 12 months and the number of arrivals is not limited.

A multiple entry visa can be collected in a consulate or embassy outside of Indonesia. Still, this multiple-entry visa only allows you to do business related activities but does not entitle you to work in Indonesia and get a salary from employment.

Problem 4: Overstaying with an Expired Visa

The key benefit of a multiple-entry business visa is that you can use this same business visa unlimited times to arrive in Indonesia. You need to take note that even a business visa allows you to come in unlimited times, it is only limited within the 60 days provided. If you overstay with you expired visa, you might not be able to leave the country or put in detention until you have paid your fine of US$25 per day.

Of course, the perfect solution is not to overstay which means leave the country and come back again in case of a multiple-entry business visa or to apply for a new visa if your previous one was a single-entry business visa.

Always make your visa issue a priority and check your documents from time to time to make sure they are in compliance with Indonesian law.

Problem 5: Applying for a Visa Face-to-Face

It can be a minor thing such as different background colour of your photo or a typo in your address, and your visa application is hampered. Any delay in the procedure might result in late visa issuance and even postponing your flight. Moreover, repeating travelling to an embassy or consulate will cost you time and money.

Now, when you can apply for a business visa to enter Indonesia online, these complications are definitely evitable.

The online procedure is as simple as filling in your personal data, providing details about your sponsor (Cekindo can become one in case you need) and attaching a copy of your return flight ticket to Indonesia.

Do not let the problems of business visa stress you and make you give up your entrepreneurial dream in Indonesia. Order your multiple-entry business visa online and we will take care of the rest. See our online application.


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