The Differences between a Business Visa and a Work Permit Indonesia

Did you know that a holder of a business visa in Indonesia may also have to apply for Indonesia work permit (KITAS) in certain instances? Does this sound confusing?

It’s important to know the difference between the two. Recently, Indonesia strengthened its policies against foreign employment. Those caught working in the country illegally would be sentenced 5 years in prison and fined a maximum of IDR 500,000,000 based on Indonesia Law number 6 article 119.

Although not having a valid work permit Indonesia makes you an illegal worker, so is holding the wrong visa. But where do they differ?


1. Purpose

The country issues a business visa when a foreigner visits the country for an official business-related activity, such as attending a seminar, conducting a training, or doing a research.

KITAS, on the other hand, is an Indonesia limited stay permit, which allows you to undertake an economic activity while in the country, including receiving compensation.

The keyword “wages” is critical since if you hold a business visa, you should not be receiving any form of payment while you’re still in the country.


2. Duration

For the business visa, the country provides two options: single entry and multiple entries.

A single-entry business visa allows you to stay in the country for a period of 60 days each without allowance to re-entry once you exit the country. A multiple-entry visa gives you 12 months, with each visit lasting for the maximum of 60 days. However, you don’t obtain the latter easily and quickly. You need to have at least three visa stamps of any type of visa to take advantage of that.

A working visa Indonesia is beneficial for one year (or 6 months if you’re a consultant), after which you need to renew it annually up to 5 years. At any time, the government can deny your renewal.


3. Process

Whether you’re applying for a working permit Indonesia or a business visa, you need to have a sponsor company, which can be a local or foreign company. This is because Indonesia puts a high priority on local employment. In fact, before you can arrive in the country, your sponsor should have submitted your application in the immigration office on your behalf.

To get a business visa, you need to have a passport that’s valid for the next 18 months. You also need to submit the following:

  • Letter of invitation (if you’re in the country for a seminar or conference)

  • Letter indicating the purpose and duration of your stay from the sponsor and the applicant’s company (if the foreigner is not working directly for the sponsor)

  • Written approval from Jakarta Immigration Office if the foreigner has to stay for more than 60 days.

It takes 7 to 10 working days to process the visa, but once issued, it is valid for 60 days without allowance to re-entry for those holding a single-entry visa and 1 year with an exit from Indonesia necessary every 60 days for foreigners with multiple-entry visa.

Getting a work permit is more time-consuming and complex. Based on the 2015 work permit regulations, your job should match your educational background. Further, you need to possess 5 years of working experience or a certificate of competence.

Before you can get your work visa Indonesia quick, you need to have your VITAS (temporary limited stay permit), which should be processed while you’re still in the home country. After your arrival, you have seven days to appear before the Immigration Office for an interview and exchange of your VITAS to KITAS (limited stay permit card). It can take between two weeks and a month to get all the documents necessary.


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