Company registration in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its bureacratic environment. This page will explain your possibilities of entering Indonesian market, mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of each type of company in Indonesia. There are 3 types that foreigners may choose from: Local PT Company, Foreign owned PT PMA and Representative Office.


There are two possibilities of setting up a local company in Indonesia.

Local Nominee company in Indonesia (PT)

PT is the most popular company type in Indonesia. In fact, this type is fully intended for Indonesian businesses only, but in certain situations, it can be suitable for the foreign investors as well. In Indonesia, there are several business fields, which are partially, or fully closed for foreign ownership. Review the 2018 negative investment list, for the details. Although you as a foreign company cannot invest in the business fields fully closed to foreign ownership directly, there is an alternative solution for you, which is establishing the local PT company in Indonesia.

To set up a local company (PT), you need to comply with these requirements:

  • 100% local shareholders (either individuals or companies)
    - the minimum is 2
  • 1 local director
  • 1 local commissioner

Cekindo can help you find the local nominees and to protect your ownership and authority in your company in Indonesia, with nominee agreements.

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Online shelf Company in Indonesia

If you don't want to go through the long process of setting up a new PT Company, which usually lasts around 10 weeks. You can opt for one of the ready-made companies with already approved Indonesian corporate bank account, registered tax number, and company address. These companies were created by Cekindo, with the sole purpose of being sold to our clients. Therefore, such companies haven't been performing any business activities and have no business history. The purchase and set-up process of Shelf Company is the fastest solution, taking only 1 week. Moreover, some of our shelf companies were created a longer time ago, which can boost your credibility as a trustworthy company on Indonesian market.

After signing the contract with Cekindo, you will get full access to:

  • A company name and incorporation number
  • A company office address
  • A corporate bank account number and access to internet banking
  • A tax number and identification
  • Set of documents related to company registration

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Company Registration in Indonesia - PT PMAPrior to starting a business in Indonesia, you need to find out whether your business field is listed on the 2016 Negative Investment List as "fully open to foreign investment". If it is indeed fully open to foreign investment, you are free to establish the Indonesian version of the Limited Liability Company (LLC): Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA). With this option, you can either have 100% foreign ownership or split the ownership of your company with a local partner through Joint Venture.

Investment Plan for Foreign Owned Company:

Foreign investors need to invest above USD 800.000 (equal to IDR 10 billion) as their investment plan, with the minimum paid-up capital being USD 200.000 (equal to IDR 2.5 billion). In the investment plan, companies can mention either cash or fixed assets such as machinery. However it is excluded for Land and buildings.

Paid-up capital can be paid after the company is established and has a bank account (stated by notary letter). The company needs to reach investment realizations above USD 800.000 for obtaining the Business license as their permanent license, import license, and other licenses which relate to company’s sector.

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Company Registration in Indonesia - Representative OfficeIf you are not yet 100% sure about entering Indonesian market, you can choose representative office as the easy & least financially demanding option (there is neither minimum investment requirement nor need to have a local shareholder or director). Representative office means, you will establish an entity, which isn't fully autonomous, it is dedicated only to working on marketing promotions, supervision, and cooperation, on behalf of its parent company abroad.

Representative office in Indonesia is not allowed to make any business transactions with companies or people in Indonesia (this applies both to export & import or domestic trading), but the representative office can:

- Sponsor work permits for 3 expatriate managers (Chief RO, Assistant Chief RO, one other staff)

- Obtain multiple entry visas for its expatriate personnel as well as exemption from exit-tax (SKFLN).

Cekindo will assist you with setting up the representative office. We can also offer our serviced, co-shared or virtual offices at prestigious business address.

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